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Bobby: I wanna make a toast to Evelyn Mercer, the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had. Pour me and my brothers another round, and some nice warm milk for my little sister. Pour me and my brothers another round, and some nice warm milk for my little sister. The question hasn’t been on the front lines of my brain the past few years but it’s definitely been swimming around in there somewhere. But then it jumped to the forefront a couple weeks ago when Four Brothers was on TV and it was at the exact scene where Bobby Mercer walks from seemingly-nowhere to fight Victor Sweet. In Detroit, when the beloved citizen Evelyn Mercer is murdered in a store heist, her four dangerous stepsons come to her funeral. Bobby Mercer, Angel Mercer and Jack Mercer join the regenerated ex-union leader Jeremiah Mercer, and they decide to investigate the murder. Mar 12, 2009 · Four Brothers was a drama film released in August 2005. Mark Wahlberg played one of the four brothers, Bobby Mercer. Theatrical Poster. Four Brothers is a 2005 drama starring Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund as four foster brothers who come together in the midst of a tragedy involving their foster mother. The film was directed by John Singleton and was loosely adapted from the 1965 John Wayne film The Sons of Katie Elder.

Four Brothers Mark Wahlberg Bobby Mercer Jacket. Four Brothers Mark Wahlberg Jacket is a heavy looking and tough kind of jacket which is manufactured with leather material and has been snitched with perfection of detailed stitching. The 2005 movie, directed by John Singleton, revolved around four adopted brothers Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garrett Hedlund who come together to avenge their mother's death in.

Four Brothers 2005 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Jul 01, 2005 · Directed by John Singleton. With Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, André Benjamin, Garrett Hedlund. When their adopted mother is gunned down in a store robbery the 'four brothers' investigated the murder for themselves & look for the killers but not all is what it seems. Bobby noticed the girl standing at the end of the bar, putting her hair up then she came behind the counter. She followed Johnny over to the guys. "Guys this is my niece Jenna," he told the four brothers. "Jenna, these are the Mercer brothers, Jeremiah, Angel, Bobby, and Jack.". Bobby Mercer/Jack Mercer; Jack Mercer; Bobby Mercer; Angel Mercer; Jeremiah Mercer; Pre-Canon; Summary "Bobby ran back to the house as quickly as he could. He had royally fucked up this time and if anything happened to Jack there was no going back. Four Brothers 2005 31 Death Sentence 2007 2 Georgia Rule 2007 1 Max Payne - All.

Four Brothers 2005 127 Death Sentence 2007 6 Supernatural 3 Fast and the Furious Series 3 The Fast and the Furious 2001 2 X-Men Movieverse 1 Prison Break 1 Leverage 1 Highlander: The Series 1 White Collar 1 Include Characters Jack Mercer 103 Bobby Mercer 95 Angel Mercer 40 Jeremiah Mercer 35 Evelyn Mercer 32. A 2005 crime thriller directed by John Singleton and loosely adapted from the 1965 Western The Sons of Katie Elder, Four Brothers is a 2005 movie about what happens when beloved Detroit citizen Evelyn Mercer is murdered in a store heist. Her four dangerous adoptive sons come to her funeral: Bobby Mercer Mark Wahlberg, Angel Mercer Tyrese Gibson, and Jack Mercer Garrett Hedlund join the.

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