The American College of Sports Medicine ACSM promotes and integrates scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine and exercise science to maintain and enhance physical performance, fitness, health, and quality of life. 7-Site Skinfold Equation.Body Density = 1.112 - 0.00043499 x sum of skinfolds0.00000055 x square of the sum of skinfold sites - 0.00028826 x age, where the skinfold sites measured in mm are: Chest, Axilla, Tricep, Subscapular, Abdominal, Suprailiac and Thigh reference: Jackson, A.S. & Pollock, M.L. • Take duplicate measure at each site and retest if duplicate measurements are not with 1 to 2 mm • Rotate though measurement sites or allow time for skin to regain normal texture and thickness BOX 4‐1 Standar Procedures dized Description of Skinfold Sites and. thigh skinfold site vertical fold, on the anterior midline of the thigh, midway between the proximal border of the patella and the inguinal crease What side of the body should skinfold measurements be made? Supraspinale Skinfold. The supraspinale skinfold site is one of the common locations used for the assessment of body fat using skinfold calipers. It has previously been known as the Suprailiac site. See the complete list of skinfold sites, and the general procedure for taking skinfold measurements.

For each of the skinfold sites, take three measurements and use the average of those three. But don’t take the three measurements consecutively, instead run through all the sites three times. This will allow the skin to regroup between skinfold measurements. It will also help you develop some consistency. Consistency is the key. If you are. Skinfolds are taken on the right side of the body with a caliper, pinching the skin at certain sites, and pulling the skin away from the muscle to be able to get the correct measurement of the skin and fat. The skinfold thickness is measured in millimeters. Two measurements are recorded to take the average. Other Sites: Biceps. Vertical fold Anterior aspect of the arm over the belly of the biceps muscle 1 cm above the level used to mark the triceps site Calf. Vertical fold maximum circumference of calf on the midline of medial border. ELEVATE, ACSM's multi-year capital campaign, supports critical initiatives that will enable the college to better serve its current and future members, grow and inspire the fields of sports medicine and exercise science, and improve health and health outcomes in the U.S. and globally. The 3 Site Skinfold for Women.SITE 2 - SUPRAILIAC. Take a diagonal fold following the natural line of the iliac crest, just above the hip bone. SITE 3 - THIGH. A vertical skinfold measurements taken half the distance between the patella knee cap and the inguinal crease the skin crease between the thigh and the hip. The leg should be straight and relaxed.

Skinfold sites: Tricep: vertical fold at the midpoint of the posterior side of tricep between shoulder and elbow with arm relaxed at the side. Chest: diagonal fold.

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